Powdered slaked lime, marble dust aggregate with variable particle size, water and additives.

Intonachino plaster is uniformly rough with slight variations in color intensity typical of lime-based products. It is intended for either interior or exterior surfaces. It is highly breathable, naturally mildew resistant, and has excellent drying capacity.

Application Overview

Apply the first coat with a metal trowel being careful to apply evenly over the entire surface. Let it dry completely. Apply the second coat, being careful to proceed seamlessly from one work area to another. A few minutes after applying the second coat, wipe over the entire surface with a dry sponge trowel to make the surface uniform. It may be best to perform this step twice: once immediately after application of the intonachino, and then again after a few minutes. The dry sponge trowel can be scraped clean with a metal trowel from time to time... continue reading below

Theorectical yield

X-fine – 125 – 175 sq ft per 24kg fine – 100 – 150 sq ft per 24kg medium – 75 – 125 sq ft per 24kg coarse – 50 – 100 sq ft per 24kg

Packaging: 24 kg, 52.9 lb polyethylene containers

Colors: The product is white and can be tinted with our Color System.

Intonachino Application Instructions

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