Metal Tech

An acrylic based coating

MetalTech is a new idea on metallic paint. It rolls without lines, covers in two coats and is washable. What is remarkable is it can be tinted with normal universal colorants, which means 3 bases make a 1000 tones of metal. 24 basic formulas and hundreds more with custom tinting at a reasonable price.

Application Overview

Apply a full coat of Metaltech rolled with a 15mm pile roller. The first coat is applied back rolling in one direction, the second or subsequent coats are applied in the same way. No extra protection required.


Metal Tech can be used as a finish that can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. It can be applied direct to metal and is rust inhibited.

Packaging: Metal tech Gold/Pearl/Silver Base 0.875L
Metal tech Gold/Pearl/Silver Base 3.5L

Colors: Metaltech is normally tinted into the base with universal colorants or by one of our distributors using any paint colour chips.

Coverage: 40 sq. ft. to 50 sq. ft. per 0.946L

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