Acid Stain

A wetting agent, a solution of hydrochloric or phosphoric acid, and salts (metallic ions).

SureStain, a reactive acid concrete stain, is made to go on “naked” concrete. There can be no curing agents or sealers to block the concrete stain. Preparation of the concrete always includes cleaning. Many commercial concrete cleaners are suitable and readily available. Most cleaners require rinsing or at least mopping until the rinse water is clean. For premier cleaning results utilize a black pad on a rotational floor scrubbing machine.


When applied on concrete (or any cementitious composition) the metallic ions chemically react with the free alkaline in the cement forming oxides that produce the visible color. When you think of oxides, you might remember from elementary science classes that rust is an oxide... click pdf below to continue

Coverage: 200 sq. ft. per coat/gallon

Acid Stain Information