Concrete Restoration

For fixing and repairing damaged spalled concrete and restoring it to brand new

Concrete restoration and repair products are widely available from many concrete manufacturers. Few manufacturers provide a system that includes ALL the products needed to perform the entire process through a single brand name. With consumers across the United States dealing with damaged concrete surfaces due to: constant weather changes, de-icing agents, chemicals, grease, oil and more, the ability to restore and repair the concrete surface is essential.

Restoration System

Most contractors will begin with an aggressive pressure washing or scarifying of the concrete surface. The goal of this process is to remove all lose concrete and create a sound surface. An oscillating turbo tip and a pressure washer of 3,500 psi or greater will generally be sufficient. Using SureCrete’s SCR will clean, mildly degrease, etch and profile the surface preparing it for your slip resistant thin concrete overlay. This product is environmentally friendly and will not harm plant life when rinsing the product off. Typical application is a 2-1 ratio of water to SCR... click link below to continue reading