Sure Stamp

Sure Stamp

A stampable cementitious topping for beautifying both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. When stamped, it creates a texture that can resemble a whole array of stamp designs: tile, cut stone, slate, brick, cobblestone, etc. SureStamp offers restoration, repair, resurfacing, architectural accenting, and surface protection of existing concrete.


Begin by saturating area to be covered with water. Before application of bond coat, remove any excess water leaving no puddles. The surface should be saturated, surface dry (SSD). Mix water at the rate of 7 – 7 ½ qts. water to a 50 lb. bag of SureBond. Mechanically mix for no more than 3 minutes to a lump-free consistency. Place the bond coat with a squeegee and force into surface completely covering existing concrete with this slurry. Apply SureBond only in sections that may be covered with stamp mix while maintaining a wet edge... click link below to continue

1— 50 lb. bag of SureStamp
15 sq. ft. @ 3/8”
20 - 24 sq. ft. @ 1/4”

50lb bag of Surestamp

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