Acrylic Based Coating

Texturglaze is sold in two forms: an additive for latex paint that extends wet edge for up to 2 hours; and a stand alone glaze. The later is colored with universal colour and dries to a satin sheen level. Both are fully washable. The ratio of latex to be added to extender is either 3 or 4 to one for optimum working time.

Application Overview

The overall area of application should be divided into manageable areas respecting expansion joints, divide up into zones. This is particularly recommended for the less experienced user. Protect adjacent areas and floors, to remove dry product use warm water or mineral spirit, do not rub with abrasives.


Texturglaze can be used as a finish that can be applied on interior surfaces. A typical installation would be applied with rags or brushes to get a broken colour effect.

Packaging: Texturglaze Extender 0.946L, 15L, 3.78L

Coverage: 100 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft. per 0.946L

Texturglaze Data Information

Texturglaze Data Information

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