Marmarino Velvet

Slaked lime, marble powder, silica, cellulose fibers, and additives.

Marmorino Velvet is one of the most elegant lime-based wall finishes rendering the widest variety of aesthetic posibilities. Its slightly rough, opaque, flat finsih is velvety to the touch, achieved because of the high quantity of cellulose micro-fibers it contains. This makes it very durable and elastic, and therefore, mre resistant to cracking if the underlying substrate cracks.

Application Overview

Apply a thin, even coat of ‘Marmorino Velvet’ over the entire surface with a metal trowel. Avoid making too many ridges and allow it to dry completely (6-8 hours). The first coat can be white even if you plan too have a colored finish. If the final color will be dark it is best to remove the masking tape from around doors, windows and baseboards and reapply it; otherwise, a strip of white may be visible when the tape is finally removed. Therefore, remove the tape and replace it approximately 1/16″ distant from the original position of the tape... continue reading below

Theorectical yield

27 square meters or 300 square feet per 24 kg bucket.

Packaging: 24 kg. net (52.911 lb) polyethylene containers 4 kg. net (8.818 lb) polyethylene containers

Colors: The product is white and can be tinted with our Color System.

Marmarino Velvet Application Instructions

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