Water based concrete stains, deliver micronized pigments into the concrete without the addition of acids or metallic ions to create rich colors.

An excellent choice for “GREEN” concrete projects. Water based concrete stains are also more user-friendly than the typical reactive acid stain and offer a variety of application techniques. You will also find that Eco-Stains create the same lush, multi-hued look of traditional reactive acid stains. Typically there are many more color choices available, as color is achieved from pigments, not chemical reaction.


Application of water based concrete stains are usually accomplished with spray equipment. Best results are obtained through multiple light coats. Brushing, ragging, sponging, and mopping will yield one-of-a-kind results that blend colors in uncommon fashion. Drips, runs, and errors are not permanent if the water based concrete stain does not completely dry... see pdf below to continue

Coverage: 200 sq. ft. per coat/gallon

Eco Stain Information